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Welcome to our Alumni List.
Attn: Changes made to our list in July 2013
Because of so many email bounce backs, all bogus email addresses have been removed from the Alumni List. If your primary email address bounced back to me and you had an alternate email address listed, the alternate was moved to the Primary email position.
If you didn't have an alternate email address listed, your Primary was deleted and your name went on your classes Missing List.
If the bounce back email was an alternate email address, it was deleted.
This was done due to a crackdown on spam and spamming websites and to insure that Cougartown doesn't go on an email blacklist.
Every class has their own list WITHOUT email addresses. You'll see that when you select your class.
You can add yourself to our list, or if you're already on the list, you can change your email address, mailing address, phone number, or girls, your married name by clicking here.
Also check out the Teachers/Staff list.

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