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  • 6-23-08 Cougartown Calendar See upcoming events and gatherings at a glance.
  • 12-22-07 The Law Enforcement Exploring Program (LEEP) is starting again in February 2008. Applicants must be ages 14-20. Please click here for more details.
  • 11-7-06 Hawthorne History by Robert S. Hartman is here. Written in 1972 for the Golden Anniversary of Hawthorne, it's a very special document and has become a historical document in its own right. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.
  • 7-18-05 For all who are interested in the history of Hawthorne, Walt Dixon, our Hawthorne Historian, has put together a book with lots of pictures of the town from the early days to present. Please take a look.
  • 9-6-04 How many remember our Telephone Prefixes from the Los Angeles area. Maybe these will take you back.
  • 1-02-03 A Hawthorne School Map has been added to the website. Please take a look.
  • 4-13-99, Northrop Aircraft has meant lots to Hawthorne over the years. These are a few pictures that my father had of the Flying Wing. Please take a look.
  • 4-9-99, Pacific Ocean Park Fans will love this site found by Jerry Miles HHS66. Be sure to take a peak at Pacific Ocean Park. Thanks for the information Jerry.
  • If Alumni have websites that we can link to, so others can see what you're doing, please email me and tell me about the site. I will put it on our "Other cool sites...." list.

ID/Noon Permit
Here's a shot of the Beach Boys taken from the class of 69 El Molino.
From Left:Dennis Wilson, Mike Love (Dorsey High),
Carl Wilson, Bruce Johnston, and Al Jardine (seated)
Thanks to Gary Nix HHS70 for this pic.

Beach Boys 69

1978-79 Victory Queen
Memories of the mid 60's

Hawthorne Memorial Center

1960-61 Victory Queen
Our Past Royalty 1953-=54 Victory Queen
1954-55 Victory Queen
1976-77 Victory Queen 1966-67 Victory Queen
1961-62 Victory Queen 1968-69 Victory Queen

Other cool sites....

Randall Holman HHS79 has a pretty cool Lobster website here. Please take a look.

Sandy Peppers, Class of 63, is in the music business and is a very accomplished songwriter. Be sure to take a look at her Cywriter Music website.

Attention Class of 58 Olympians Ken Skinner, Class of 58, has set up a nice website for your class at www.leuzinger58.com. Please take a look.

For all you Leuzinger class of 86ers out there, Deanna Galles Gallardo has a great website up and running. Take a look at this one.

Denny Unfried, HHS 55, has a fun website about Teardrop Trailers, Genealogy, and other fun stuff. Drop by and say hi on his Guestbook.

Yet another great Leuzinger website. This one is a beauty created by Terrence Poublon and done for the class of 1981. Please click here to see more.

Hawthorne School District has a very informative website. Please give it a look.

Another School district in Hawthorne is the Wiseburn School District. Lots of information there.

For all the Al Jardine-Friends and Family fans out there, he's got a fairly new website. Please take a look.

Our very own Dan Johnson HHS77 has added his Pink Floyd tribute site. Click here to be Cybered off to Which One's Pink. Thanks Dan

Don Di Tomasso HHS75 has a little website that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Please take a look. Thanks Don

Jessie Lendennie HHS64 has been living in Ireland since the early 70's and is the founder and Managing Director of Salmon Publishing Ltd. Please take a look at her poetic Irish website.

Alan Nelson, Class of 73, has a nice little homepage going for him and his family, so go on over and say Hi.

The Lawndale High Website is a great place to reunite with old school pals. Please check this one out.

The Brian Wilson Website is very informative if you're looking for what's going on in his life.

The Leuzinger Class of 63 has a nice "Get together" site here. Check it out. Maybe you'll recognize someone.

Also the Leuzinger High, Class of 1968 has a nice little website too.

The Beach Boys Fan Club will tell you more about the "Boys" and what's going on in their lives.

www.reelaudio.com.... If you have a Real Audio player, check out this "Bill Ballance" clip

Los Angeles Radio People is a good Website to find out more about your favorite DJ from the past or present.

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